Burton Visnick

Visnick & caulfield associates, inc., boston


VC was established in 1990 by Burt Visnick and Bob Caulfield as a full service interior design firm with a focus on creating thoughtfully designed spaces for commercial clients.  We have endeavored to develop and maintain a reputation as one of the most highly respected firms in the New England area. Design is our passion. Connecting people to places is our goal. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, systematic and creative. We challenge, innovate and execute to deliver our clients a space that ignites inspiration and performance. 

With over 37 of expertise in architecture and interior design, Burt has experienced numerous trends and movements in the profession. As a founding Principal of VC, he carries forth the focus of “knowledge-based workforce” as business organizations strive to maximize upon their greatest asset: the intellectual and creative power of people. As a firm, VC offers insightful advice and ideas for creating stimulating and functional spaces. We are proud to remind our clients that “it is always about the people.”