AJ Wilder

Wolcott, los angeles


Wolcott was established on the premise that a creative yet systematic approach to a client’s spatial requirements yields an innovative, functional, and integrated solution. Wolcott’s ability to design impactful environments has resulted in remarkable stability with an exceptionally high percentage of referral and repeat clientele.

Wolcott is proud of its professional staff, portfolio of successful projects, and unique approach to fulfilling the needs of our clients. In 42 years of business, Wolcott has designed over 40 million square feet throughout Southern California and is consistently ranked among the “Interior Design Giants” by Interior Design Magazine.

Wolcott is organized into studios, each staffed with a full complement of architectural, interior design and graphic design professionals. The teams are client oriented, design driven and budget conscious.

Clients are our first priority and throughout our relationship we always keep that in the forefront. Wolcott’s ultimate goal is to provide exceptional design that is client focused, market relevant, and results in creation of long term value.