Burton Visnick

Visnick & Caulfield Associates, Inc., Boston

With over thirty years of expertise in architecture and interior design, Burt has experienced numerous trends and movements in the profession. Personally and professionally, he identifies himself as a “humanist”, one who strives to create environments that connect with people culturally and in utilitarian fashion. Even from the very beginning of his career, Burt’s design pursuit has called upon improvement of the human condition, whether a project was a rehabilitation center, an orphanage school, or a myriad of other spaces aimed to inspire culture, creativity, growth, efficiency and functionality. As Principal of Visnick & Caulfield, Burt carries forth the focus of “knowledge-based workforce” as business organizations strive to maximize upon their greatest asset: the intellectual and creative power of people. He offers insightful advice and ideas for creating stimulating and functional spaces, including lighting design strategies, selection of colors, accommodation for flexibility, collaboration and technology, and/or preservation of privacy. As we design high performance spaces, Burt is proud to remind us that it is always about people. Burt holds the following degrees: Masters of Architecture from University of Minnesota Bachelor of Science in Civil and Structural Engineering from Northeastern University Associate of Engineering in Architectural Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology Primary hobby: Burt cultivates a variety of hot peppers including hybrid self-creations for use as a secret ingredient in private-label hot sauce. Secondary hobby: Burt continues to pursue skills to one day work as a rodeo clown in order to save one cowboy at a time.

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