Ron Carlson

Partners by Design, Chicago

As a Registered Architect, Ron Carlson has 30 years of experience in Core and Shell Building and Corporate Interior Design. Ron is the founder of Partners by DESIGN incorporated, and was directly involved with the firm’s diversification and growth. He has aligned the firm’s expertise with promoting creative, smart, business-minded Architects and Designers. Under Ron’s leadership, PBD has differentiated from other firms by implementing a more entrepreneurial culture while fostering an atmosphere for a family feel - work hard and have fun. Teams are focused on fewer projects while maintaining more responsibilities in all phases. This is coupled with strong creative designs tailored individually for each client.

Ron’s knowledge and expertise in programming, building analysis, lease negotiation and budgeting have ensured a practice where projects flow with continuity and overall savings. This motivated Ron to create “the autoprogram”, a custom designed and patent pending web-based tool for quick and efficient “Programming direct to Budgeting” software applications.

Ron received his Bachelor’s degree in 1981 from Southern Illinois University in Architecture, Business and Science.

Ron is also an inventor, explorer and instrument rated bush pilot, and has spent much of his exploring time in Canada and the north Arctic Circle. In 2003 and 2011, after extensive research, Ron traveled to King William Island, Nunavut on a solo expedition to search for relics of the doomed Franklin Expedition; Two large 3-masted warships that departed England in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage and mysteriously disappeared.

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