Karen Robertson

klr Design Group, Calgary

Karen is a creative and outgoing individual whose passion for interior design and people is contagious. She is a registered interior designer with N.C.I.D.Q designation and has over 20 years design experience in the Calgary market. Karen founded klr Design Group in 2005 with design expertise in corporate, healthcare, retail and specialty projects. klr design group provides superior project management and compliments interior design services with branding and graphic design. Karen promotes collaborative and innovative design solutions with her professional yet down to earth design team. She believes every design opportunity should reflect the uniqueness of each client. Put simply, she strives in creating inspiring spaces her clients can brag about!

Karen carries the utmost pride in her people. Love, Respect, Inspiration and welcoming every new Experience (her core values) drive the klr Design team in its entirety. She has a perpetual devotion to “betterness” and strives to always grow which supports her design firm which is all about it’s clients.

She is a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Calgary Chapter) and a past member of TEC Canada. Karen is a member of Interior designers of Alberta and Interior Designers of Canada, and also enjoys her time as a board member for the Elder Statesmen Group (seniors living).

An adventurer, Karen loves all things Ocean and Mountain! More recent adventures include Hang Gliding in Brazil and Diving with hammerheads in Galapagos. After a great day of snowboarding she’ll often wind down by taking her Siberian Husky for a cross country ski.

She has a passion for travel, golf, wine and nature. She loves to spend time with family and friends.

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