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“Our story is our approach”

Even in a globally connected world, there’s a clear value in face‐to‐face relationships and business partners with boots on the ground, in your market. And that’s what you get with ONE Global Design.

ONE Global Design is a network of entrepreneurial owner‐led design firms in the US, Mexico and Canada that works through a single point‐of contact. Through the ONE Global Design network, we establish a direct line to your project by engaging a top design partner in the market where your project is located. You still maintain a single point of contact with your own local firm—no handing‐off or shuffling around.

ONE Global Design creates a bridge between your corporate culture and the community where you are building. You receive the personal attention that’s the hallmark of small firms, backed by the depth and breadth of an international organization with more than 450+ professionals in the US, Mexico and Canada. The result is a global knowledge base and localized, single‐source, accountability.

Our History:

As the internet, email, and an entire technological revolution swept the globe in the 1990s, the world began to change. Rapidly. No industry was immune.

Norm Liedtke, CEO of Philadelphia-based Meyer, and Ron Carlson, CEO of Chicago-based Partners by Design, watched as their corporate design clients’ needs evolved and their projects advanced across a swiftly shrinking planet.

Separated by three states and one time zone, Norm and Ron’s thoughts began to travel the same path. They both needed solutions that would preserve the strengths and culture of their independent, principal-led firms while accessing talent and resources on par with a multinational corporation. But how?

In the mid-1990s, Meyer was working on a project for a client headquartered in Chicago. Meanwhile, Partners by Design was crossing in the opposite direction to work on a project in Philadelphia. Norm and Ron connected, the firms collaborated.  Several other projects followed building on their success. 

The two entrepreneurs stayed in touch.  In 2011, Norm and Ron were discussing the increase in their national corporate business, and shared their thoughts about working with like-minded entrepreneurial-led, sophisticated design firms in other markets. They also realized each had been thinking about creating a National Alliance for several years.  The two agreed to meet up in New York City and invited a third firm, from California, that Meyer and Partners by Design had each worked with individually.  By the end of the meeting, ONE Global Design was born. 

The concept took off and one by one, projects and partner firms were recruited across the continent. First, Meyer and Partners by Design invited D.C.-based FOX Architects to ONE Global after a successful joint project in the Capital City. Columbus-based Design Collective joined the other three for ONE Global’s first formal meeting in Atlanta. The idea picked up steam, and by 2012 the number of ONE Global Design partner firms had more than doubled.

ONE Global Design continues to meet twice annually in selected cities of member firms.  In 2013, Liedtke formed an Executive Committee including the executive partners of three member firms and Meyer’s COO Suzanne Nicholson. This group meets bi-monthly via conference calls to set the direction for ONE Global Design.

Today there are 17 ONE Global Design partner firms across the United States, Canada and Mexico---all best-of-class, carefully vetted, principal-led firms ready to offer local expertise. They represent over 500 professionals and $95 million in revenue.   In 2014 alone, ONE Global Design’s firms collaborated on more than 40 projects across North America, giving each and every client the best of both worlds: global reach with personal touch.

Our Approach:

ONE Global Design By the Numbers:
Established in 2010
$95 million in revenue
17 cities
500+ professionals
3 countries
1 solution to serve your needs

Global Reach, Personal Touch